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Write scripts using over a hundred of professional templates
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Write scripts for movies, TV shows, novels, or comic books. View your creations as an outline, scene cards, notes, or bookmarks. Use over 100 templates and tools, including 8 Instructional templates, 10 industry-standard blank templates, 12 professional sample files, and over 80 TV templates including classic ones and 25 brand new ones.

Professional and amateur screenwriters, and people related to this industry: check this out.
Movie Magic Screenwriter is the perfect solution for all your needs regarding software for screenwriting.
This excellent program is so versatile and complete, that it cannot be described completely in a review.
You will have to try it out yourself, with the trial version offered by the developer.

Writing your scripts has never been easier.
Movie Magic Screenwriter is easy to learn and easy to use.
You only need to press a few keys and use a few mouse clicks.
The options are very comprehensive, and you will find everything you need in the many different menus.

The software includes tutoring templates to help you understand everything easier and better
It also includes many blank templates for the different formats: radio show, TV shows, Stage Play, etc. It even includes several example files of the different formats, so you can really experience and analyze them as long as you want.

Movie Magic Screenwriter is a very powerful program with very powerful features. Obviously, a program of this kind cannot be free.
You can try it for five days with their free trial version.

Fernando Soni
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  • Excellent!
  • Very complete!
  • For Pros and amateurs


  • The trial version is good only for 5 days
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